Sunday, January 27, 2013

Villains & Vigilantes

Last weekend I joined a group playing V&V. We had discussed doing this back in the fall and I was still busy with getting more edumuhcashun and could not immediately join the fun, but that didn't stop me from coming up with a character.

My subconscious was obviously channelling Star Trek because what I ended up creating was a twisted version of Data from Next Generation.

When we were discussing the game back then it was the 40th anniversary of the video game Pong. That gave me the character name and a basis for powers: an android with force field and force blast powers. All I had to do was determine what his name actually stood for. Person Zero Next Generation. P0NG

When we finally got around to creating the character his powers not only inclded the force abilities, they also included full life support, android body (looks 80% human), 39% self repair, 73% armor, and other minor adjustments.

Pretty boring if that is all there is to him. Here's the catch - he was completed in the 1970's and only briefly active. He was deactivated and stored in a crate. His database and social reference frame is limited to knowledge from 1976 and older. Newer things are a puzzle to him, and he has a tendency to drown conversations in slang from the 70's and earlier.

Here is how he looked once reactivated in last week's session.

Needless to say the team is convinced they need to take him clothes shopping. They already bought him an ipad which he is still trying to figure out where the knobs and antenna are located among other things.

During play the group of heroes tracked down and fought the villain SCUZZ who was able to convert living flesh into a protoplasmic jelly eventually killing the target. P0NG being artificial/synthetic was mostly imune to the worst parts of the attack. Once Pong got into the right position he separated the villain and himself off from the vulnerable members of the party by putting up a force wall and then began blasting away at Scuzz.

Meanwhile the other party members figured out that Scuzz was vulnerable to gasoline and brought some back to disolve the disgusting evil-doer.

We thought the fight was over when suddenly a rather large robot showed up intent on doing harm to the team leader Metal Mummy. We left off on the cliff hanger of it firing a blast at MM while the room immediately behind him is soaked with gasoline.

We play again on Superbowl Sunday with the promise that we will not miss any of the game.

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