Friday, June 15, 2018

What were we talking about?

Over the absence from the blog quite a bit has happened. Most of it is boring and not worth a mention, but there are some recent points that could use effort to try and restart the writing bug.

The West Marches campaign continues.

There have been 5 character deaths (6, see below *) and of the original starting characters 2 are still active.

The player group recently peaked at 9 plus the DM. Shortly afterward some real life issues appear to have resulted in 3, maybe 4 players having to step away from the game. The remaining group of players put forward an invitation to some other people to consider joining the game.

* The party murdered one of their own to cover up their effort to help an NPC sneak away without anyone noticing for at least a few days.  This threw me for a loop. As a DM I have experienced conflict within parties that resulted in killing of characters, and while annoying when it happens without good reason this one feels very different. The character was the one of the newest player, new both to the group and to table-top rpgs who had shown an enthusiasm for the game. The player cannot attend frequently, but it seemed unfair to the player for the party to write her character out and not confirm that she was ok about the decision.

We will see how it goes tonight at the game.