Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Seat At The Table

After a very long lull I reunited with the weekly gaming group. With school out of the way for now it seemed like a good time to roll some dice, defeat some monsters, and take their treasure.

I returned to play at a fortuitous time as the party was about to make a raid into the Hill Giant fortress (the old G1 module) and that meant an extended session with lots of combat and fun. We normally end sessions at about 10:30 since everyone has work in the morning and some have long drives home. This time we played to nearly midnight. Many giants were slain and much fun was had by all.

One highlight was the timely use of a Find Traps spell by the party cleric. Find Traps is a spell I have rarely seen used in play and almost never to good effect. This time it saved the bacon of several party members.

Another rarely used spell highlight was the reincarnation of my deceased high elf fighter/wizard into a gnome.

The group is rotating DMs and games so now we need to decide what to play next.

It is good to be back in the game.

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Bighara said...

Hope you don't mind that I turned you into a gnome. I was dying to cast that spell!