Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In the weekly game we continued the raid on the giant steading.

My character, newly reincarnated from high elf fighter/wizard 5/8 is now a gnome fighter level 5.

Gathering loot from the last great battle we believe that once we make our minds up to leave the dungeon and make haste for town, we will have reaped a tidy profit. The loot may be worth around 100,000 gold pieces.

Despite having dealt a severe blow to the giant forces, the party, getting ever shorter on resources, and character height, keeps hanging around investigating with little extra to show for the time spent.

Worse still we stumbled upon an extremely evil altar in a strange chamber with symbols that drove our henchman mad. He now believes the party dwarf murdered his family and keeps trying to kill the dwarf when not A> restrained; B> charmed; C> having Remove Fear cast on him to temporarily lessen the effects of the madness.

We ended the evening on a cliff-hanger. A dragon is diving down from a cavern ceiling to attack the party.

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