Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gnome Alone Too

The weekly game reconvened with the party sealed in a large cavernous chamber beneath a power-diving dragon.

When fighting a dragon it is almost always best if you can somehow ground it. Mobility makes an otherwise very dangerous foe incredibly deadly. We failed to ground our enemy for most of the fight and used almost all of our resources in a desperate battle over many many rounds before finally killing the beast.

My character was breathed on twice and fireballed by the spell casting dragon. The fireball was the final straw and down went the gnome (formerly a high elf) for good . . . almost. Again he was reincarnated and again as a gnome, this time even lower level.

Reincarnation as a spell can be interesting, but it has serious drawbacks. Since we are rotating GMing duties and running a myriad of different games the drawbacks don't matter like they would for a campaign and are quite amusing instead. We were hoping the rolls would give us a Pegasus so we would have an easier time getting ourselves and our loot out of the dungeon.

Alas, poor pregenerated character Fonkin Hoddypeak. He began play as a high elf fighter/wizard levels 5/8, became a gnome fighter level 5, and has been demoted to gnome fighter level 2.

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