Monday, January 6, 2014

Custom Dungeon Terrain vs Delivery Service, round one, FIGHT!

You can easily find on YouTube, many examples of lazy and in some cases, downright mean, delivery persons doing bad things to the boxes they are delivering. These examples are clearly the outliers or these businesses would have gone belly-up ages ago. Today I find myself the unfortunate victim of lazy delivery service causing fragile items to break.

Three days ago I ordered some custom Hirst Arts pieces over Ebay and today they arrived. The majority survived the journey unharmed. Four of the floor pieces were broken. I have contacted the seller to get advice with repairs since they can be salvaged.

Normally I avoid the Hirst Arts stuff because of mismatching with my existing Dwarven Forge collection, and the fragility of the material. This set was quite unique looking so mismatch of appearance was actually in the plus column, and I thought it was worth giving it a shot.

Below are a couple shots of the Egyptian themed items including the broken four pieces of floor.

While the seller could probably have done more to protect the pieces, I do not think it would have helped that much as the items were already in bubble wrap with cardboard supports inside the box.

Fortunately it looks to me as if a fix should be simple enough. Meanwhile I have asked if the seller has any obelisks or pillars.