Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting Hammered part 6

Dan Fisher of Hammered Game Tables is a huge fan of Dwarven Forge terrain, as am I, and made the decision to have every bit of space inside his own table and any table he sold, to be fully usable for terrain in the scale of one inch to five feet. The inside of the Phoenix works out to 2.5 scale acres of space. That area can be filled with an enormous amount of Dwarven Forge terrain.
Until you are actually looking into one of these tables it is hard to understand just what that means.
 Let's not get stuck thinking two dimensional, you can also go vertical.

What you see above is not stable since I grabbed a few pieces to quickly illustrate the depths to which adventurers can sink, er, I mean the incredible opportunity for fantastic dungeon builds on more than one level.

The time is fast approaching when the gaming group will get together for their first session at the new Phoenix and I will attempt to build out the entire dungeon their characters are exploring. Knowing the size of that dungeon, I can tell you it will not come close to filling the belly of this beast.

This was just a brief look at what can be done with the table. Stay tuned because more will be coming as I break out the Dwarven Forge pieces and prepare for the adventure to continue on February 21st.

Next up . . . some highlights from the building process and a short story of just how excited Dan can get when working on tables.

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TheHandyDM said...


2.5 acres of scaled game space is simply Colossal. Just the thought of being able to have wide-open battles in an arena that size is thrilling. Ton of possibilities- and as the pics show, not just for on the ground but poking into the sky too.

The extra depth that comes with a Hammered Games table truly does allow for 'fantastic dungeon builds.'

Can't wait to get my own!