Sunday, February 8, 2015

Getting Hammered part 2

The game room is what would be the living room of my house. It just happens to be the only room with the right dimensions to handle a 4' by 8' table and be very comfortable for the persons gathered around it to play. With the DM caddy attached, the table becomes 9' 9" long. If you opt to put a snack caddy or two on the opposite end it can reach another 6". The space is approximately 14' wide by 15.5' long.

When I first moved in I was considering getting a pool table and also using it to game. While it meets a fair amount of my criteria, and allows for playing pool, it failed the most important requirements of being able to leave things set up, undisturbed. (Also, have you ever spent the amount of time it takes to de-pet hair felt?).

The accessories that come with the base Phoenix are very useful. It includes the DM caddy, dice trays, cup holder attachments, anodized aluminum drop in cup holders, and two snack caddies. You can see some of the accessories in these pictures.
In he DM caddy above you can see at the bottom some dividers and layered bases for books. The configuration is changeable. The pieces can be reconfigured to suit your preference for where your books, dice, pencils, etc sit within the caddy. The images burned into the back of the caddy are part of the personalization aspect to make each table unique. More on my choice later.

Above you can see down inside the table spread out are the dice trays, cup holders, and snack caddies. See those dwarven runes on the lip of the table . . . we'll get to those later as well.

Displayed in this picture are a dice tray, two cup holders showing two different drop in aluminum cup holders, one gold, one blue, and one of the player station drawers open. The aluminum cup holders can come in a number of colors and I had a hard time deciding.

Take note of the copper drawer pull. These are something unique that Dan went out of his way to acquire for my table. I was determined that I wanted copper hardware to go with the dark walnut stain. Dan searched antique shops and discovered cast iron drawer pulls from an antique piece of furniture that he then coated with copper leafing to get the look I was after. Along with those pulls was the piece that became the lift for the top of the table.
There will be more about the drawer pulls, the under-lip lighting, the interior of the table and the DM caddy in later posts.

It is entirely possible to customize your table to your tastes. For instance the cup holder inserts - I originally wanted those in beaten copper, however to date, neither Hammered Games nor I have been able to locate the items and likely this will be something to be completed at a later date and at a higher expense. During our searches we came close, but aren't there yet, and that lead to choosing aluminum inserts.

I could not decide between the gold and the blue so I ordered both and can change them out to fit the mood I want to encourage for a game session or let players decide.


TheHandyDM said...

The metallic cup holder inserts Hammered Games uses can be Vivid Black, Vivid Blue, Vivid Gold, Vivid Red, and Vivid Silver.

Nice pic of the DM caddy- really shows how much room the DM gets to help run the game.

Want to point out the Hammered Games' double rail system. Ingenious because it really allows for complete customization of where things are placed around the table.

Unknown said...

The ends of the table now sport a 3 rail system to allow for even more versatility for the GM so they can sit or stand when using our standard GM caddy!