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Dungeon of the Fire Opal - Dungeon Magazine 84 (part 5: areas 24 through 28)

Continuing the restock into the southern section of the dungeon. We cover areas 24 through 28.

Unless otherwise stated, all areas are unlit.
Unless otherwise stated ceiling height is 10 feet. 
All secret doors require a DC14 or better perception to spot.
All areas other than 0, 1, and 3 are grey stone.
Should you decide to have random encounters in the southern part of the dungeon, the following are suggested: 2 Toruk Rul, 1 Sorn Ulth, both, the sound of clicking in the distance, a sudden breeze that stops just as suddenly. 
Toruk Rul and Sorn Ulth are in the 5e update of the Ptolus core book pages 598 & 599.

A party of Toruk Rul led by Sorn Ulth broke into the southern section of the dungeon through a door at area 39, and are exploring the dungeon.

Area 24: Empty. (you may want to roll for a random encounter)

Area 25: Empty. (you may want to roll for a random encounter)

A & B - These Caryatid Columns are activated once a creature steps on the T in this area. Caryatid Column 5e Into The Borderlands by Goodman Games, page 343. The Caryatid Columns resemble humanoids assembled from multiple different types of creatures. 

B - An alcove in the west wall holds a small chest containing 2 scrolls. The cleric spells are Bestow Curse and Contagion.

Area 26: Empty. (you may want to roll for a random encounter)

Area 27: Small bowls are carved into the north and south walls and contain unlit cones of incense. 

Area 28: Strange script is chiseled onto the entire surface of every wall. Hidden among the text are two words in a different language. These are the separate passwords for the two secret doors. Both doors are inscribed with a Glyph of Warding, Explosive Runes, for Thunder Damage. The Glyphs are activated by attempting to open the doors and can be bypassed if the correct password is used. 

A DC15 Perception roll or searching for 10 minutes reveals the different style of script.

Comprehend Languages will reveal the language for most script as Abyssal and Infernal for the passwords. The Abyssal script goes on endlessly about destruction and death. The two passwords are Death and Taxes. One of the two secret doors does not contain the word death in the script. (you decide what works)

A - The stone visage of a Toruk Rul lies on its side in this alcove.

B - A statue of Ghul, 9 feet tall stands in this alcove. The paint used on the statue remains vibrant and life-like. The eye sockets are empty and show chipping and scratching around the edges.

Any creature attempting to pass the statue in either direction, without use of the pass phrase triggers the forced and rapid release of Gorgon Gas in the three squares immediately in front of the statue. The gas remains active in those squares, dispersing after 10 minutes. Creatures that enter these squares or begin their turn in these squares must make a DC13 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save they are restrained and begin turning to stone. Restrained targets must repeat their saving throw with failure resulting in petrification. Greater Restoration or a  potion of Stone to Flesh is require to free the creature.

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