Friday, July 1, 2022

Magic Item - Cheval (5e)

Cheval is a long sword created by elves working with the Seelie Court of the Fey. The purpose being to provide an agent of the Court the ability to stand against agents of the Unseelie Court in battle when necessary. 

Over time, in the hands of a a bonded (attuned) user it will reveal more capabilities.

At its most basic, Cheval is +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls. On a critical hit the weapon inflicts additional radiant energy damage to the target. (user levels 1 to 4 = +1d6; user levels 5 to 9 = +2d6; user levels 10 to 14 = +3d6; user levels 15 to 19 = +4d6; user level 20 = +5d6)

When a user reaches 5th level the sword will glow as the light cantrip at will and when on Elven sacred ground. It also gains the ability once per long rest to dispel magical darkness in a 30' radius.

Upon reaching 11th level the attuned user gains an additional use of Second Wind, or one use if the user does not already possess that ability.

A bonded user of 17th level may use Cheval to cast Sunburst once per long rest.

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