Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Magic Items: Lesser Wondrous Figurines

Like their more powerful cousins the Figurines of Wondrous Power, the Lesser Wondrous Figurines are approximately an inch in size and depict various creatures. Unlike their cousins these figurines vanish upon their invoking.

No command word is needed and activation is as simple as tossing the figurine to the ground.

These figurines can sometimes be found in sets, but more often are located individually.

Spider - Single target web spell, effect lasts 2 rounds.

Hound - Tracking bonus of 20%, lasts 1 turn (10 minutes).

Pigeon - Send a message as the spell.

Mole - Digs a 10' by 10' hole in earth, does not affect stone.

Frog - Gives a bonus of 5' to a single jump attempt.

Minnow - Provides water breathing for the user for 5 rounds.

Chameleon - Gives user a bonus of 10% to hide for 1 turn (10 minutes).

Squirrel - Climbing bonus of 50% for one attempt.

Ferret - Dodge bonus to armor class of +2 for one combat.

Bat - Night vision for 1 turn (10 minutes).

Bee - Anti-venom bonus to saves vs poison of +2 for 5 rounds.

Butterfly - Provides a +2 bonus to Charisma for 1 turn (10 minutes).

Stirge - Heal 1 hit point.

Chicken - Flutters to the ground becoming a days rations.

Fox - Gives a 10% bonus to listen checks for 5 rounds.

Deer - Increases movement speed by 20 feet for 5 rounds.

Sloth - Slows a single target as spell for 2 rounds.

Snake - Fear as the spell for 1 round.

Pig - Cases a single target to drop held items.

Ant - Reduces encumbrance by 1 category for 1 turn (10 minutes).

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