Friday, July 1, 2011

This is how to do it right: withdrawing from a campaign the mature way.

Interrupting the planned flow of posts (was going to go over house rules).

Tomorrow will be session #5 of the Lost Baronies campaign. This afternoon I received an email from a player that is withdrawing from the game.

Because of how politely this was done, and how detailed the player's reasons are, I decided that it warranted a blog post.

No names or other details will be given, however this is the core of the email:

"I actually do not think I'll be playing in the campaign anymore . . . I do not like the game system . . . and I seem to have a different playing style than your usual group . . .I usually just want to fight stuff and solve mysteries . . . but they seem to want to role-play much more than I do. Thanks again for the invite and the hospitality!"

There was more to the email that wasn't focused on the campaign so it isn't relevant to this post.

That, OSR fans, is a mature and proper explanation of reasons for dropping out of the game. No beating around the bush, no trying to avoid hurting feelings, just complete honesty that really helps everyone understand what is happening.

I will miss the player being there and have indicated that the invitation remains in place should a change of mind happen.

And now back to our regularly scheduled mayhem . . .

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