Friday, December 12, 2014

The Hammers of August

The Hammers Of August

A Time Travel Scenario for the TimeWatch RPG
(Which ships to kickstarter backers in the future)

Berlin, 1933, August.
Hitler and his Nazi's are presenting the Summer Olympics.

At TimeWatch Headquarters a massive anomaly has been detected.
Someone managed to kill Hitler and change the course of
history with major negative consequences resulting in a 
global nuclear war in 1960.

Your team of Time Agents has to fix the problem before your
timeline is wiped from existence.

Your only clue, a newspaper from the day after stating that the
culprits were the German Gold and Silver medalists in the Hammer Throw

Find out why the Time Agents assigned to prevent such 
events failed, and swing the timeline back onto course.

(Any resemblance to any real or imagined time travel rpg scenarios is purely a manifestation of random time distortion and should be treated as deja vu. TimeWatch by Pelgrane Press will indeed ship to KickStarter backers in the future. And no, I am not writing this scenario. I have something else planned. Mwahahahahahaha!)

There you go Stu, something a bit different than I bet you were expecting.

Monday, December 8, 2014


In response to Stu Rat's comment to the Something Wicked post.


The Role-Playing Game

The year is 1870 and your hearty band of railroad workers
is facing their toughest challenge yet. You've braved the 
elements, the freezing cold, the scorching heat, wind, rain,
storms. You've survived landslides, cave-ins, and accidents
of all kinds. But nothing prepared you for the horror you
now face. You and your crew are fighting for your very
jobs against the nightmare that is mechanization!
The mighty steam hammer has come to take yer jerbs!

In JOHN HENRY! - The Role-Playing Game players take
on the roles of railroad workers with special talents and
skills, working together to beat back the tides of progress.

Classes include Steel Drivers - the class of JOHN HENRY himself!
Montebancs, Thieves, Prospectors, Cooks, and others.

So pick up your copy today and SWING THE HAMMER.

Stu, your comment had me howling. Great response I could not resist posting about. Sorry to say, nope this wasn't what the clue is about, but keep going! If it helps me come up with more fun to write posts, all-the-better!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Something Wicked Cool This Way Comes

I have officially commissioned something special for me and my gaming group. Completion of the work and delivery will resolve with the unveiling toward the mid to later part of January 2015. I won't spill the beans yet, however I will drop some clues along the way.

Here is the first clue:    SWING THE HAMMER

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

This cover from an issue of Dragon Magazine illustrates the tradition of carving the turkey. Do not try this method at home.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Catching up a bit

Had I the inclination I would have had plenty of posts recently, alas, I lacked the motivation.

Here is a quick bit of what has been happening:

The Yearly Horror Game - CaptCorajus ran his annual Cthulhuesque horror game. This year it used the character creation method from Dread (the questionnaire) and resulted in some very 'colorful' characters. I plan to post more about it including posting the characters and some pictures soon. Just be warned, the players, myself included, are some seriously twisted individuals when it comes to creating characters.

The Sunday D&D campaign run by CaptCorajus - We completed the transition from C&C to D&D5E and the characters have managed to get into some serious trouble while traveling the wilds. That includes battling alligators, shambling mounds, a tyrannosaurus rex, some Yuan-ti and their cultists, and bunches of biting insects. The party has been split up due to our halfling willingly teleporting away with the Yuan-ti sorceress while carrying an artifact the Yuan-ti need to resurrect the evil god Set. The other three members are now inside the temple above where the body of set resides, battling and sneaking our way through while trying to locate the halfling so we can force her to leave (and bring the artifact) thus disrupting the Yuan-ti plans. We have not yet found our errant halfling rogue, however the remaining three members of the 5th level party have achieved some amazing things.

The gimped cleric, handicapped wizard, and certifiably insane fighter managed to take down a CR17 Death Knight without casualties. The wizard has never been able to get the 3rd level spells that a 5th level wizard should get, the cleric transitioned from C&C and lost physical combat capabilities and healing capabilities, but did gain some kick-ass spells, however being in a temple over the buried body of an evil god left the cleric unwilling to continue casting spells due to the very nasty negative side effects. That left the fighter as the only one in full combat shape.

Oh, and without a doubt, Magic Missile is the single best combat spell in D&D5E. It doesn't miss, moving it to higher slots pumps the damage, and it wrecks concentration somewhat reliably.

After this latest session, the party should now be 6th level (we netted at least 20,000 xp for three members), and the wizard will still not have 3rd level spells . . .

Note: we know the halfling went willingly since only willing creatures/people can be teleported, and we also know the Yuan-ti sorceress is at least a 13th level caster since the lower level teleport circle takes a full minute to cast and the teleport took only a single round. It is amazing the meta-game knowledge one can glean during play.  :)

And now some pictures.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Magic Item - Ring of Spell: Snoring

The cavern was pitch black. Even the orcs couldn't see where they were going and had slowed to a shambling hoard of complainers. If he could lead them to the chasm perhaps enough would fall in that he could make a hasty exit.

Embuk fished around in his pouch for one particular magic ring, the one sure to fool the orcs into an ill advised charge over the edge. "Ah, there it is." he thought, putting on the sandstone ring carved with moons and stars. "This should give the savages a target."

From across the darkness, deeper into the cavern and well out over the chasm edge, emanated loud snoring, obviously from the soon-to-be victim that had angered the tribe's shaman. It took nothing to get the desired result as a baker's dozen of the brutes rushed blindly to their deaths, over the edge and 70 feet below. The orc shaman would have to wait for any retribution. The snoring stopped and Embuk put the ring away.

Lighting his lantern, Embuk made his way out of the cavern, wary of possible guards and maybe the shaman himself.

New Magic Item - Ring of Spell: Snoring

The ring is imbued with one spell only, Snoring, which creates a loud snoring sound that lasts up to two minutes or until cancelled by the wearer. The sound can be created up to 120 feet from the wearer. An hour or more after use it can again be cast.