Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Table Thursday - Barrel Rider Mishaps

These are some of the random mishaps that can pop up when a joker is pulled from the deck during moves in the Barrel Rider mini game.

Roll a d12
1 - A small mangy dog begins nipping at the heals of the person steering the barrel. Save against breath weapons. Failure indicates a runaway barrel. Draw two cards for movement. If currently going uphill the movment is in reverse. No attempts to modify movement are allowed against these cards. If another mishap is indicated apply it also.

2 - Lookout! A drunken spectator has stumbled into the way and spilled beer on the cobblestones. Choose: run him down and risk a mishap or try to avoid him through movement. If you choose to run him down save vs death. If the result is a failure roll 1d6: 1 - the collision results in a tangle of bodies around and under the barrel. One point penalty on rolls for this trip due to disorientation and sore ankles. 2 - the impact causes the barrel to jerk 90 degrees to the side (determine randomly which direction) 3 - you miss the drunk, but hit the beer slicked stones and spin. Rider must make a sickness save. 4 - the drunk you just ran over happens to be someone important and will want to get some payback for your impertinence at a later date. 5 - the violence of bouncing over the drunk brought the barrel down on a jutting stone and cracked a board. One point penalty to rolls for steering for the rest of the contest. 6 - Lucky break! you slam into the drunk knocking him into the path of a rival team and they spin causing their rider to have to make a sickness roll.
If you choose to avoid him draw a movement card. Straight indicates a collision, roll on the table.

3 - A fight breaks out between supporters of rival teams and they start throwing things until other spectators can restrain them. To avoid getting hit by something draw a movement card. If it indicates a turn, do so and you avoid the thrown object. Otherwise select a team member to have a one point penalty on rolls for the rest of this trip due to a painful lump on the head.

4 - A band holding your barrel together loosens. Suffer a one point penalty on all steering rolls for the rest of the contest.

5 - Another team has lost control of their barrel and it comes careening into yours. Theirs is destroyed. Roll 1d4 to see what happens to your barrel: 1 - you manage to deflect the worst of the impact, no harm to your barrel. 2 - draw a movement card and execute the move, straight indicates backwards. 3 - the bottom of your barrel comes out unbalancing it. Suffer a one point penalty on all steering rolls for the rest of the competition. 4 - the impact rings your rider's head causing him to suffer a one point penalty on the next sickness roll made.

6 - The person steering steps where some stones are missing and stumbles. Draw a card and apply that direction. If going uphill straight indicates backwards.

7 - Two battling tomcats rush into the barrel and continue their fight all around the rider while tumbling. The shifting weight makes steering harder by one point and on the next sickness roll the rider also has a one point penalty . . . and a lot of scratches.

8 - Angry birds! A frightened pig comes running through the street pursued by some squawking geese. Roll 1d6, even turn 90 degrees right, odd turn 90 degrees left.

9 - Who put those nails there?! You roll the barrel over some nails which barely pierce the thick wood. Now your rider has some additonal discomfort to contend with. Rider must drink one extra beer at the next stop to ease the pain.

10 - A small stone gets wedged into your barrel making straight movement difficult. when a straight movement card is drawn make a steering roll to keep it if you choose to do so. This stone is removed when this trip ends.

11 - Fire hazard. A rival team hired someone to cook your goose. A flaming flask of oil is rolled out into the road. Draw two cards and immediately execute them. If you choose to make steering rolls, failure causes a permanent one point penalty for all steering rolls, and your rider must make an immediate sickness roll. If you let the cards take you where they will, no harm is done unless you collide with something.

12 - You splash through a puddle containing animal filth and the rider gets a facefull. Suffer a two point penalty on the next sickness roll.

This list can easily be expanded. Post your ideas in the comments and if enough come in to expand to a d20 table the rest will be posted in a compiled table later.

Feel free to use and abuse this game in any way you see fit. please be sure to let me know what changes you make so an expanded version of the game can be posted in the future.

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