Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sam Kisko Rides Again!

Sam Kisko seems to have a creative streak a mile wide.

A few years ago he entered the first of Paizo's RPG Superstar contests and produced some fantastic stuff. Part of which I plan to spring on the players in my campaign.

And most recently Sam won the Grand Prize in Fight On! magazine's Random Table Contest. I'm anxious to see that winning entry, it must be a doozy! His random table beat out 106 other entries by some very notable people in the OSR sphere.

Based on the things he submitted in the Paizo contest I would have to guess that James Raggi and Sam Kisko are psychic twins. They both have some very interesting and dark tastes. I really like what I have seen from both of them.

Way to go Sam and congratulations to all of the winners!

Hey Sam, if you ever plan to pass through Frederick on one of my campaign days, shoot me an email. You have an open invite to sit in for a session.

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