Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Table Thursday

Things found at a local bazaar.

1 - Small ivory carving of what looks like a cross between and elephant and a flightless bird. It has tiny flakes of emerald for eyes.

2 - Bronze charm bracelet with places for 5 tiny charms, 2 are missing. The other three are made of cut and polished amber. The figures are a lion, a falcon, and a shark.

3 - A golden cage the size of a common lantern. Within is a blue lizard that the vendor occasionally spoon feeds water or a scrap of meat.

4 - Conical red hats with long white feathers sticking out from the top.

5 - A wooden ball on a thick string. The ball is hollow, with various sized holes cut into it and another wooden ball inside. When swung through the air it makes a cacaphonous whistle and rattle noise.

6 - A hairpin with a harp design. The strings are mother of pearl.

7 - Good luck seeds. A merchant is selling tiny pouches of various types of seeds he claims are blessed and that spreading these seeds as you travel brings you blessings of good luck.

8 - A narrow bolt of yellow cloth with leaf patterns sewn into it using brown thread.

9 - Small wooden flutes painted in various colors.

10 - Halfling sized silk gloves.

11 - Fragrant oils for lanterns.

12 - Packets of fish scales, alleged to ward off bad water spirits when sprinkled under your bunk or hammock aboard ship.

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