Monday, July 11, 2011

Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle - Session #2 (part C)

The party decided to spend one more night at the Inn before going bandit hunting on Bald Hill. That was the last place they had been told some of the bandits had been seen prior to the bridge ambush. Maybe they had a hideout with some loot. They gathered supplies for a day trip and set out early.

It was a stroke of luck (for good or ill you can decide) that led them quickly to a scrub covered hillside where about 120 feet away was a cave opening. The sentry on watch called out an alarm before being taken down by Valen's bow shot.

The party continued to advance, spreading out along the hill, some closing faster than the others. Tok and Fred took up guard positions, with Tok hiding his rather rotund form in some small bushes. Two longbow armed Orcs stepped from the opening and fired into the group striking Aiden and Samson. Pedro stepped up and healed Aiden to nearly full health, but for Samson the cleric it was too late. An arrow through the throat had slain him. The closer members charged the two Orc bowmen.

A short time later the entrance of the cave was in the company's control and chanting could be heard from within. Aiden, Thorgrim, and Meira advanced further into the cave and a hold spell froze Aiden in place.

Lucky for Aiden, Elanna was close behind and her sleep spell dropped several lurking Orcs including the one on the ledge above the entrance ready to strike at the still form of Aiden.

The others began to come into the cave and a melee broke out at the front when another flail weilding Orc attacked Meira. The Orc priest of Kord raised his shield and flail, spoke a quick threat and attacked Thorgrim. Thorgrim's knees nearly buckled beneath the blow and it was obvious he was badly wounded and near death.

A Magic Missile from Valen, and a Sleep spell from Rowena finally brought the fighting to a close. Some cut bandit throats later and it was time to loot.

Spread about in the caves were dozens of boxes and barrels of stale food and water, dry-rotted cloth, and other worthless goods. However, there was treasure to be had. Not only did the Orcs have chainmail, flails, longbows, a shield, longsword, dagger, and a girdle, but they also had coins. A decent amount of gold, silver and electrum coins were looted from the bodies and in a sack behind some large rocks.

There was also a not instructing that the next things stolen should be brought to the Zerbal Mountain location.

After some rest and gathering up the good, the now fairly encumbered group decided to head back to Lake Farmin. Poor Samson was left behind without a decent burial, just rolled a little ways down the hill.

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