Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google Minus?

Just what is going on with Google +?

According the latest information, Google will be rebranding Blogger and Picassa as Google Blogs and Google Pictures (or something) and folding them under the upcoming Google + social networking system.

The troublesome part of this is that on or after July 31st they will be deleting private profiles and any profiles that exist will be forced to be public. This is where things get confusing. According to the article in Huffington Post "Google+ profiles will not be allowed to remain private, with users required to make at least their full name and gender public in order to use the site."

Can that be correct?

Is google going to force "out" annonymous bloggers who want to avoid having their co-workers, and potential employers know the details of their life, or want to avoid those same people from knowing about their hobby in case closed minds might have a negative impact on employment prospects?

That second category may hit too close to home for some gamers. Think back to the 1980's and all of the controversies invented by some wackos claiming the Dungeons & Dragons game was satanic or otherwise harmful. There are still people out there that think that way, and far more that look down on those that enjoy the role-playing hobby for other unfounded reasons.

From a personal standpoint I would be fine with people knowing I gamed if attitudes in this country were more mature. It would be nice if people could understand that, gaming, like model railroading, fishing, gardening, and going to football games are all just hobbies.

Having searched a number of articles, none, not even the statement on Google's own site, clarify just what this really means to Blogger users. Another of Google's pages seems to indicate that the deletion of the private profile will not delete the account.

There are a large number of Old School blogs hosted on Blogger. There's a good bet, that like me, some of them will find this of concern.

The other information out there about how Google + will function sounds confusing on other issues. Some articles indicate that restricing your information so that only your "circle" of friends can see your profile will not prevent people searching for you from finding you and thus what you publish, exposing it that way.

This bears watching and as more information comes to light I hope to make it available here. Anyone that has clearer information is asked to email me the link or links. You will be credited (by your alias if you choose) with the find. And if someone official from Google is willing to clear this matter up, please let us all know.

My fingers are crossed that I won't have to go through the hassle of moving the blog.

Stay tuned . . .

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