Monday, July 18, 2011

Google Minus? - part 2

As we get closer to the date Goggle is supposed to start deleting private profiles, there still is not much in the way of solid information about how that will affect those who choose to remain annonymous.

Something that might be a clue however was what happened to me the other day when trying to work with some of the pictures on my blog. A window popped up within blogger mentioning my Picassa account and asking about my profile.

I don't have a Picassa account. Or before then I didn't have one.

I checked the matter out to discover that since Google is folding both Blogger and Picassa together under Google+ any pics added to the blog now get put into what will soon be named Google Photos.

Needless to say I was not thrilled with having my real name splattered all over an account I never opened so I immediately changed that profile to match my profile here on Blogger (soon to be named Google Blogs) so it only says OSRbaron.

Since I set it to private what happened next was interesting. It simply showed a string of numbers instead of any information. Could they be just calling private profiles by strings of numbers now?

Will they be denying anyone that wishes to remain annoymous access to their accounts after July 31st or can we still use our accounts? This is the biggest question still hovering around this whole issue aside from some of the privacy loopholes rumored to remain.

If anyone, especially someone from Google, can give us some solid information about the privacy concerns and access concerns it would be greatly appreciated.

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