Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle - Notes

At this point in the campaign the party had managed to score some nice magic items.

The stuff from the bandit lair on Bald Hill should have been tougher to get their hands on, but I made a mistake with the sleep spells and in the heat of play forgot the limit on the level of what it can effect. The Orc thief that was ready to backstab from up on the ledge, and the Orc cleric were both 5th level and should not have been effected.

If I had not made that mistake it is very likely that half or more of the party could have died during that encounter.

That is ok though since the party has done something that changed the timetable of behind the scenes activity, advancing the plans of some NPCs. Even though this is a sandbox, things still can and do happen and the actions of the characters does play a part. I cannot spill the beans since the events have not yet shown the ripple effect in play.

From the ritual they determined the effectiveness of the magic items as follows:

Leather armor +1
Chainmail +2
Shield +1
Girdle of Ogre Strength adds 3 to strength giving +2 to hit and +4 to damage
Dagger +1
Flail +2
Longsword +1

From previous encounters they still have a Potion of Plant Control, and the scroll with 2 level two spells, Levitation and Luck Runs Dry (from the Ancient Vaults blog).

There are also things my faulty memory casued me to miss during writing up sessions. One such item was when they sold the perfect ruby to Olhatta for 750 gold she offered them a chance to buy one of the "pearls of Tessalon" for 250 gold. They passed on that offer. This item will have its own post soon.

I was going to post some item card pictures to show what these items might look like, but with Paizo's lawyers going after people who do so, have decided not to tempt fate.

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