Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle - Session #2 (part A)

The second session picked up with the original party getting close to Restenford on their way back after the bandit ambush. They walked along with a farmer who came off of a side road with his donkey pulled cart of apples from the hillside orchards. They bought a bushel of fresh apples for a silver piece, just what the farmer needed to pay his way through the gate.

Outside the gates were three locals just back from escorting another adventuring company along the west road. These three had heard about these newcomers, and wished to offer up their expertise and local lore for equal shares if the deal could be made.

Thorgrim, a dwarf, and his twin elf companions, Aiden and Valen, introduced themselves. Discussion was brief and to the point. A deal was made, full shares for full participation.

One copper piece each later and the now eleven member company made their way through the north gate into Restenford.

The three new players only created one character each and were likely to only be attending once a month. Their characters would be loaned out to other players or if prompting is needed, by the DM as an NPC just long enough to drop in some clues.

As everyone had business to attend to, the party split up, planning to meet later for a meal and to decide the next course of action.

After asking about to locate someone that might be able to help identifying two potions they uncovered among the bandit's goods, Rowena, Elanna, Pedro and Seamus went to the keep. Rowena and Elanna met with the Baron's trusted wizard Pelltar while Pedro and Seamus attempted to meet with Baron Restenford.

Pelltar seemed distant, somewhat hazey of thought and rather off-putting.What he asked as compensation to identify the two potions was too costly for the cash starved group and the meeting ended fruitlessly.

The Baron was unavailable, however his guardsman Relkin stood in for him and after a bit of explaining and showing off the ears and short swords taken from the Orcs, Relkin paid a bounty of 28 silver pieces. He also directed them to visit Alton, the town armorer who would buy the short swords. This netted them almost another 30 gold.

To the right is a portrait of Baroness Fairwind that hangs in the Outer Hall where Pedro and Seamus waited to meet with Relkin.

Later the party met up at the Inn of the Dying Minotaur for a light dinner, spending as little as they could for such a large group. This did not go unnoticed and made negotiating for rooms a little tougher.

The owner Gellcuff, the owner is a middleaged man prone to bragadoccio and enjoys trying to impress people with the story of how he slew the minotaur whose head hangs above the bar by "taking from him his ax and cutting his head off!"

He also fancies himself a ladies man and isn't above trying to convince women warriors that perhaps he could teach them something, as Meira found out while negotiating for rooms for the night.

The cost of lodging settled, the party set to making plans.  Pedro indicated that he needed at some point to make his way to Loreltarma on church business, though the time was not yet pressing.

There were still two potions to identify as well as more gear to sell and 4 gems to have appraised. The two arcane spells on the scroll Levitate, and Luck Runs Dry (courtesy of the Ancient Vaults blog) would be held until someone became proficient enough in the magical arts to cast them at which point they would be copied into a spellbook or sold if no longer desired.

Aiden indicated that Olhatta, a jewler and money changer, in the town of Lake Farmin would be the best bet for handling the gems. Thorgrim also confirmed that they would get better prices for the remaining armor and weapons from the orcs there as well.

So it was decided, in the morning they would make the journey to Lake Farmin and from there try to find more bandits.

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