Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magic Weapon - Marrow Fiend

Marrow Fiend has a brutal history. The weapon was created by order of a tyranical ruler as the symbol of status for the guard captain at his most infamous prison. The mace was ensorceled by his court wizards.

Image of an all metal mace to give a general idea.

The weapon was forged of a single piece of metal and given properties that would increase the pain inflicted when hit, breaking bones and crushing the flesh.

It is + 2 to hit and damage. When used against prisoners within the grounds of a prison or jail, or against anyone in manacles or chains, the victim must save vs petrify or paralyze at -2. Failure indicated a broken bone resulting in halved movement and -2 (or -10%) on all physical activities for a month. On a natural 20, the damage to the bones is so severe that without magical healing within 2 turns a limb must be amputated.

Sages believe that a minor demon was trapped withing the weapon to give it such a thirst for the marrow within bones.

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