Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Non Portable Treasures

We continued the Lesserton & Mor campaign with the weekly group Monday night.

The party has been exploring a maze of passages and rooms beneath an old black tower in the ruins of Mor. While so far casualties are mostly bruised egos and one charmed goblin who fell into a pit and broke his neck, the pickings have been slim when it comes to physical loot.

We did however figure out where a wealth of value is that cannot exactly be carried. Some of the larger rooms are actually an arcane spell book, the walls being enruned with a bunch of spells. One room was entirely first level spells, another was entirely second level spells, and we believe we are close to a room which will have third level spells.

The entire place is geared less toward being lethal and more toward being a testing ground so we believe it used to be a training site for apprentice wizards. There are at least three iron golems active in the complex that do not attack unless struck first. They do however retrieve people from pits or that fall unconscious or paralyzed by traps and carry them to the base of the tower ladder.

Once we can get the money for inks and books to copy everything into we can profit wildly from it.

Meanwhile the meter is running on pay for hirelings and our supplies are getting dangerously low. We are having to improvise and scrounge for material to make torches.

Also, my character Isden has two bought and paid for war dogs waiting at the kennel which he will likely have to pay to get retrained it has been so long since he was there. And he found out not to poke fire elementals to light a torch when it can cause your protection from evil spell to go away, and will destroy your torch in short order. What? It's not like his 8 intelligence and 9 wisdom leave him much room for understanding these things.

Isden did manage to get back past the elementals by climbing into a pit and having a golem carry him to the tower ladder. He also found a corpse in the pit with brigandine armor, a shield, longsword, and javelin. And 4 gold pieces, so we covered at least one day of hireling pay and maybe more if we sell the gear.

There has to be an easier way of doing things, but for now we're going hall to hall, setting off all the minor magical traps to clear them. Those have been one-shots so far, but the pits remain active. Fortunately those are fairly easy to cross once discovered, unless you're a goblin.

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