Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nights Dark Terror

Somehow in my early days of gaming I missed out on playing the classic B10 module Night's Dark Terror. Or at least I don't remember playing it, which strikes me as odd since one of my friends has always been a huge fan of Mystara and Karameikos of which this module is a major part.

Monday night, in place of our regular game another of our weekly group members stepped up to start running this as a fill-in.

Our DM for Lesserton & Mor had missed his flight trying to get out of Florida on time. His explanation is that he was in the airport and somehow got drawn into a vortex of stupid. For anyone that has flown, this type of thing has a decent percentage of happening on the random encounter tables for any airport.

The party began in the city of Kelvin and hitched a barge ride northward to go to a job escorting horses. Our barge got ambushed by Iron Ring slavers who were no match for the party despite the wizard catching a dagger to the back. Now we're preparing to track a charmed slaver back to their meeting point to lay the smack down on more of them.

Next week I expect we'll be back in the Leserton & Mor game where the party is exploring a dungeoon beneath a black tower.

Seems like there's almost always something we can play most weeks. Good group.

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