Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gaming Dilemas

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a game group together to play.

For example my Lost Baronies campaign always feels like it is teetering on the edge of collapse. There was a period of time when it looked as if it might not even get started.

Invitations went out via email and word of mouth to 25 people two and half months before the planned start date. As the date got closer, notices were also posted on five websites seeking players. Through all that time only one person had committed to play. Then one week before the start six more agreed to give it a shot.

Since that time scheduling has been a hassle and two players have dropped out. Last Saturday was the scheduled date for session #6 and sadly last minute changes caused that session to cancel.

By comparison, the weekly group I am part of keeps growing. We have multiple DMs willing to jump in and run things, and we communicate constantly trying to work out scheduling to accomidate the most players. There have been some skipped weeks, but most of the time the biggest problem is picking the best night to play.

Currently the dilema is sorting out which of two campaigns is going to be active this coming week, and it looks like we'll be missing one regular player and gaining a guest player. The table will have a crowd around it and be almost standing room only. That is the kind of dilema every DM should want.

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