Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prop Dusting

I have a bunch of props and other accessories for use in fantasy gamng. Due to the infrequency of play over the last few years, many have been collecting dust. Among those various and sundry items are a collection of Mardi Gras coins in various colors that I bought a number of years prior to hurricane Katrina from a company in Louisiana. I bought some other nifty props from them as well. I hope to recover the company name in time for my next Prop Dusting post.

Below are pictures of some of the coins spread out on a battle mat.

Altogether I received 1,000 coins, not all are shown. To keep the cost down I had to accept a random assortment and couldn't select how many of each would be sent. It still worked out pretty nice even though I would have preferred more gold and silver instead of as many green and red.

The dyed aluminum coins are about an inch and a half across and show whatever the various krews and organizations wanted on them. They don't interfere with the suspension of disbelief as long as players can ignore the modern information on them. (So who are these people, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra that are stamped on some of these red coins? Obviously the headmaster of some magical academy and a very tactless bard.)

When I looked into getting coins made for gaming, the cost was way too high so this alternative seemed reasonable. If I recall correctly, with shipping the cost per coin worked out to roughly 8 cents, if you don't count the other items that were purchased, in which case it was slightly less. Compare that to some of the fantasy gaming coins on the market and you'll see why this seemed to be an acceptable option, especially when saving money to buy other props.

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