Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prop Dusting - a hint of things to come

Over time I have been collecting props and other items for use in the game and along with the Dwarven Forge terrain. Now that the table is here, these things will be brought out for play and will be displayed here as well.

The items today are just a hint of things to come . . .

The boat, sea-serpent parts, and the water tile are just a few of the things purchased from Yan Solo. Yan Solo can be located with a Google search and has a personal store and also lists things on Ebay.

The water tile is 25.5" by just over 19.5"

The materials used to create the water effect are fragile. In the picture above it is complete, however in the time it took for me to put it back in its protective sleeve, the corner chipped exposing the white backing. The water tile is expensive for what it is made of, thus this is the only water tile I will buy. Yan Solo's other items appear somewhat hardier, though they too should be treated carefully.

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