Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting Hammered part 5

Each customer of Hammered Game Tables has provided an opportunity for the designs of the table and the accessories to evolve over time.

My iteration was different from the last in a number of ways.

  • The player stations are wider and the separate drawers are gone.
  • The snack caddies are a little smaller, mine have an interior space of 16" by 5.5".
  • The dice trays are larger with an interior space of 9.25" by 7.75".
By doing away with the separate drawers and widening the player stations two things were accomplished; adding to the comfortable use of the player stations, and improving sturdiness of the table. (at least that is how I understand it, Dan would be the best person to ask if you want the technical info)

The size of the snack caddies allows for two to be side by side on the same cladding rail at the narrow end of the table, and a major bonus is how they fit just right at the side of the GM caddy, but I think they are too narrow for best use since my big honking popcorn bowl has a base width of 6" and flares outward from there. With a smidgen of the interior area of the snack caddy under the table's lip, fitting a bowl in the caddy without tipping it would mean I have to ditch the big honking popcorn bowl in favor of smaller bowls. That's ok for the players, but I'm the DM, and I need my steady supply of munchies! (note, the big honking bowl tilts slightly toward the GM caddy when the snack caddy is attached to it thus eliminating the problem) The snack caddy is excellent for holding utensils, cups, two liter bottles of your favorite soft drink, etc.

The dice trays are a bit larger than in the past. With an interior space of 9.25" by 7.75", and more depth, the dice have more room for a good roll, and "bonus" the trays are now able to accommodate a standard sized mouse pad if you want to dampen the dice rolling noise. 

Regarding the cup holders, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. The aluminum inserts are 4" diameter at the top and 3" tall. The cup holders can go almost anywhere around the table and the GM caddy due to the generous amount of cladding provided.

Next up . . . Two and a half acres and more, of dungeon space.

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