Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dwarven Forge Piece Idea

I've been puzzling over ways to make a certain room configuration using the Master Maze and Game Tiles recently, and have not found a satisfactory way to make the particular room layout happen with the pieces I currently possess.

Note, I said satisfactory. Take a look at this drawing and you can see what I mean.
The twenty by twenty room with a corner missing can be produced by using the triangular half square bits if you have enough, however if you were trying to make this design work you would need plenty of them to handle all of the spaces where that bit would be required.

A possible solution which would help with other design options as well, would be for DF to produce pieces that match the green hash-marked area in the drawing.

There might be other ways to achieve this goal, but I'm unable presently to think of a method using the Dwarven Forge collection I have on hand. Suggestions are welcome.

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