Monday, February 23, 2015

Prop Dusting - Giant Foam Dice

Some time ago I backed a number of Kickstarter projects including one for Giant Foam Dice.
Most of the dice are soft enough to hurl at the heads of trouble making players without causing any appreciable harm, however watch out for the 4 sided die, if you step on it with a bare foot or catch one with your eye, you will still painfully notice the points. The safest one to toss around if you absolutely must throw your dice, is a choice between the d6 and d20. The d6 has rounded corners, and the d20 is the softest.
For those of us whose vision is deteriorating with age, these are very welcome.

All of the dice roll well, with an expected bounce to them. I have used them during a couple of game sessions and made them available for use during my last game. Note: in my set, the d20 seems to slightly favor the number 17.

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