Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Kingdom for a Stone Bucket

Ever have one of those game sessions where you wish you'd thought to bring that single most indispensable item - the stone bucket?

So Sunday's game (no, not that one) was an exercise in near futility.

The party went to the caves indicated on the map which are what remains of a gold mine where things went very, very wrong. The atmosphere within the mines became tainted, bringing upon those venturing within, a mighty sickness.
Yes, they did simply walk in, after slaying the contingent of slime dominated goblins guarding the entrance. Keeping one alive at the request of the Dwarf cleric so he could test a curative spell, which worked, and for questioning, the party learned that the BBEG was named Mordian and that this goon was bringing people to the caves for forced conversions to the service of Juiblex the mucus gawd. Keeping this cured goblin with them, inward went the party.

They party and their goblin guide were protected from the illness inducing miasma of the mine by some dwarven "sick stones", crystals that have a property counter to the slimy atmosphere within.

Inside the mines we encountered lots of slime (who couldn't guess that?) and plenty of obstacles. We nearly lost our guide when a section of the ground gave way over a pit filled with green slime.

We located the evil slime idol, a pit of black tar, a polluted river, and a large pool of olive green sline with a narrow stone bridge crossing it. (Torul remarked to Royson that this just goes to show the problems with unregulated industry).

It was while having our guide go have a look across the bridge that we got attacked by humanoid shaped slime creatures, and one round later were minus one goblin guide.

The party was forced to retreat while slowly whittling away at the mucus mercenaries. It was during this retreat we discovered quite by accident, that the two types of green slime do not play well with each other. Put one into the other and it has somewhat explosive results with the greener of the two slimes surviving and the olive being vanquished.

NEW PLAN! If we had a bucket that wouldn't corrode away to nothing, we could pour this greener slime on the idol/altar and make the BBEG cry uncle. Sadly the best we could do was take the iron kettle the goblins had been using to cook with, and grab some slime in hopes it would last till we could get back to the evil altar.

No new plan survives contact with the BBEG. On our way back to the altar, who should show up between us and it, but the BBEG and some acolytes.

And that is where things left off for the evening.

The party is now 1,000 points shy of 7th level (except the dwarf who hit 7th) and our wizard still lacks third level spells. Magic Missile - still the best combat spell in 5E.

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