Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Federation Commander Campaign Rules Addendum

Back in August and September of 2011 I posted about a set of campaign rules for doing battles between empires without needing a static 2-d map, thus allowing everyone to compete with any empires they choose.

I had planned to expand upon those rules and over time made a few notes. Just yesterday I found part of the expansion. Here it is below: (you will need to read the previous rules to understand these)

At the start of the campaign players may determine that one border system is in a hazard zone. A d6 is rolled to determine the nature of the problem. This information is known to everyone so there is no risk of an invader being surprised.

If a player chooses to risk having a border system in a hazard zone the commerce value of that system is increased as follows:

nebula- this system is inhabited normally
passive +1
active +2

asteroid zones - this system is inhabited normally
2 panels +1
4 panels +2
6 panels +3

combined nebula with asteroids
from +2 to +5 based on how it is combined

pulsar - the only inhabitants are workers mining resources.
+ 4

black hole - the only inhabitants of this system are workers mining resources. at some random time in the future it may send out a call for emergency evacuation that requires a number of workers to be transported off system before it falls into the black hole.
+ 5

On a roll of 6 the player can choose the hazard.

For hazards with options, roll to see which level of hazard exists.

During exploration if a system is discovered there is a chance it may also have a hazard. Roll a d6 and on a 6 a hazard is indicated. Determine the type by the same method as above.

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