Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wabbit Season - Convention Season - Bang!

The convention season in and around Baltimore is getting off to a slightly confusing start Memorial Day weekend with both Balticon, and GAD-con overlapping.

Balticon is mostly a Science Fiction convention, though it does have some gaming. GAD-con is a new convention mostly for Role Playing games and some board gaming.

It is nice to see a dedicated game convention in the area, however that overlap could be a killer for some fans of both Sci-fi and Games. Hopefully next year things don't get off to such a conflicting start to the local convention season.

Here is the notice that was posted elsewhere regarding Games and Dice Convention (GAD-con)

[White Marsh, MD] Games And Dice Convention Coming Soon!
Hi! I represent a new Tabletop Gaming Convention coming to Maryland May 24-26th! We are called Games And Dice Convention! (GAD-Con for short) a convention made for gamers by gamers!

Right now and until the end of April, weekend membership passes are only $30!
After that they will go up to the regular price of $40. ($25 for a day)

We'll be hosting RPG events such as:
Games from the Pathfinder Society
Dragon Age
And we're looking for people willing to GM other RPGs! (Info and forms in the link below)

Also we will be hosting multiple tournaments:
Magic The Gathering
Pokemon (The Trading Card Game)

As well we will have an all weekend demo of a new board game called "Cannibals" by Predatory Games and a silent auction.

More info at our website here:
And our Facebook Page:

We hope to see you there!

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