Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Woes of Dwimmermount

The problems with the long overdue Kickstarter project from James Mal of Grognardia fame and the people at Autarch publishing, continues to be a headache for backers.

The most recent update indicated that some backwards and forwards progress/regress had occurred resulting in Autarch being given the money to proceed, but not permission to do the Labyrinth Lord version it was intended originally to be, instead only being done in their system - Adventurer Conqueror King.

The people at Goblinoid Games (publishers of Labyrinth Lord) feel this is a misunderstanding.

Nothing has been clarified since the announcement of the money transfer.

For me this is the last straw. I have been patient for the time it has been overdue, over a year from the promised target, but finally decided the money can best be used for other things and have asked for a refund. We shall see what Autarch decides to do regarding my request.

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Tavis said...

I think I've replied to all the requests now, but if you didn't get a message through the Kickstarter system let me know at support@autarch.co. (not .com!)