Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kickstarter - How not to handle the last days of a project.

Up until the 4th day out from the end of the project, Dwarven Forge was having a brilliant Kick starter. Then something went wrong.

Typically the last 4 days of a major Kickstarter project are the most critical time and with frequent updates and marketing effort from the creators, the new backers and money come pouring in. For two days now there has been very little information and no new images of product coming from the creators of the project. As the timer ticks down to the 48 hour reminder broadcast email approaches there is silence.

Typically when looking at the Kicktraq data of a major Kickstarter during the last 4 days you see a steady and rapid upward swing of new backers and money increasing day. In this one, due to the lack of info, the data is showing a downward trend.

Wait a second . . . word is that as I was typing this post information came in that an update finally got posted to the front page of the project about the stretch goal that is $5000 away from being unlocked.

It is an add-on (you can purchase it) called Chamber of Sorrows and there are images of it on the page. The Chamber of Sorrows is a Kickstarter Exclusive and Stefan has spent the last 48 hours sculpting and painting to have it ready to show to all the dedicated backers.

The new paint scheme of this 31 piece set is dark and moody, or black and bloody if you wish.

According to the folks at Dwarven Forge, this set with this paint scheme will only be available to backers of the kickstarter. Apparently they have been getting hammered with emails and phone calls asking for an exclusive and in order to honor the wishes of their fans they chose to risk a bit of backlash and a slowdown at a critical time so they could make this a reality.

We'll see, maybe the quiet during such a critical time will prove in the end to be a huge positive for the project. Keep your eyes on this kickstarter, there are 48 hours to go and it should be exiting.

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