Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Trio of Kickstarters

There are two rather funny projects on the kickstarter site that have the potential to be awesome or outright duds, and a third I suspect will do very well with a very wide audience.

The first is Dark Dungeons the Movie. The creator of this project wants to make a movie of the infamous anti-d&d religious tract written by Jack Chick. Oddly enough he claims to really have acquired the rights at no cost to make the film. He plans to play it straight, not to lampoon the work, and to let the audience reaction be whatever it happens to become. If he casts good actors and finds a good director there is a real chance for something wonderful that will be side splitting hilarious.

The second is The Dungeon Bastard: World's Worst Dungeon Crawl. If you're unfamiliar with Dungeon Bastard I highly recommend viewing several episodes before checking out the kickstarter project. I love most of the canned episodes, though I really felt last year's GenCon material would have been better left on the cutting room floor. They had a good idea, but the execution was lacking. Here's hoping this will be better prepared and produced.

The third project is not directly game related, but one I'm sure everyone can appreciate. Chill Puck. The creators have a good sense of humor and are producing something useful for anyone who prefers their canned beverages cold. People that pledge high enough can even have these things produced with a logo and color design they want (within limits I'm sure - unlikely they would be able to do the full logo for this blog). I know plenty of gamers that like a cold one when they're killing monsters and taking their loot.

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JR Ralls said...

Please also note that Chick Publications Inc. will not receive any money from this film.