Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dah-Doo-Run-Run, Uh Oh, It's Magic!

In the latest weekly game session (full write-up to come later this week), the party did the smart thing . . . we tucked tail and ran for our lives.

This is something I have seen few less experienced play groups do during games. Somewhere along the line a change happened where player expectations have moved from "exploring and treasure seeking is dangerous and potentially life threatening" to something akin to "we are supposed to always win so no matter how scary the situation appears to be we can stay and beat it".

Note: there is nothing wrong with either type of play as long as the participants enjoy it.

Thankfully the veterans of the weekly group know when to get the heck out of a bad situation.

Imagine a T intersection. A mummy at one end of the T, the exit at the other end of the T, and a stone golem at the base of the T. The party spread between all of this, lacks enough hit points and firepower to take down the golem, and will likely suffer some harm from the mummy.

As if that isn't bad enough, old-school golems are immune to most spells . . . including Detect Magic. More on that interesting tidbit in the full write-up. (Let's just say it caught some of the old school players off guard for good effect).

If you've read the character write up for my current wizard you know he doesn't have a direct damage or combat purposed spell in his book. He was the first to determine that we were in for a beating and run for the exit, soon to be followed by everyone else.

So sure, we ran, but we got away with loot and our lives, and that means we have knowledge we can put to good use if we decide to return to the now, very dangerous ancient tomb.

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