Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Spell - Ineluctable Elevator

Martin's Ineluctable Elevator

Level: 2
Duration: 2 rounds + 2 rounds per caster level
Range: 60 feet

Martin the Ineluctable developed a fascination with mobility spells, especially of the sort concerned with vertical movement, after an expedition where such spells proved themselves invaluable. Concerned that the requirement for such spells would reduce combat effectiveness, Martin began researching ways to use these spells on other people including enemies.

If cast on a willing target it functions just like the spell Levitation and does not require a saving throw. If cast on an unwilling target, the victim must save versus spells to avoid the effect. (it isn't completely ineluctable)

While Levitation cast on self has a very long duration, Martin found that this had to be sacrificed in order to make it useful at range and against unwilling targets.

(note: This is inspired by a player in the weekly game whose character Martin the Ineluctable recently made very effective use of the Levitation spell.)

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