Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Monster - Blighter

I neglected to mention what the Infant Obscenity is capable of gating in to assist it. Well, here they are - Blighters.

The demon gated in over a dozen allies. The Blighters were quickly everywhere. Dundell Brownbones was surrounded by 5 of them with two of them trying to climb all over him, his helmet and shield covered in splotches of necrotic saliva. Luckily they missed his exposed skin.

Wisma had tried to avoid them by climbing into the exposed rafters, but quickly found herself dangling from a beam with two above her, drool forming at the corners of their wretched little mouths at the thought of spitting on her head and stomping her fingers.

A few of them were distracted by a desire to play with some of the younger orphans much to the plague demon's annoyance and our great concern.

Beorn was in great difficulty facing the major demon and dealing with a Blighter gnawing at his ankle. It wasn't any better for the rest of us. Every time we hit the plague demon we were lucky if we avoided the disease bearing bile and puss that splattered everywhere. Now, like Beorn, we had all been bitten by these new enemies and the signs of disease quickly became evident on all of us. 

# Encountered: 2d12 (gated 1/day without failure, by Plague Demon) or 5d10
Alignment: Chaos (evil)
Movement: 120 (40), climb 20
AC: 2
Hit Dice: (1 hit die) special, see below
Attacks: 1 (bite) 1d3 + disease, and special
Save: F5
Morale: 7 (9 in presence of more powerful demon)
Hoard Class: see below
XP: 110

Blighters are the even meaner cousins of Imps. While they will not directly attack infants, toddlers, and young children, preferring to play with them and lure them into patterns of evil behaviour, everyone and everything else is fair game for their torments.

Though Blighters are only 1 hit die creatures they are far more dangerous. As demons they are immune to sleep and charm effects. They save as 5th level fighters, magic weapons are required to hit them, a save vs poison is needed to avoid contracting a disease, and they can spit once a day at +4 to hit to a range of 30 feet. The spittle causes a necrosis to set in causing 1d3 damage immediately and if the target fails a save vs Breath Attack they suffer ongoing damage of 1 point every 10 minutes, preventable by spells such as Remove Curse, Cure Disease, Wish, etc, and Protection from Evil will hedge this out.. Also this can be slowed by use of Neutralize Poison. This spittle also causes rotting in anything it hits. Gradually the object decays/rots. Holy water will neutralize the effect on objects preventing further damage.

Blighters only interest in treasure is to collect toys from children they have tried to corrupt. Once in a while (15% chance) when a Blighter is killed and crumbles to ash, there may be a small toy in the pile that has some monetary value, perhaps inlaid or encrusted with gold or gems.

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