Thursday, May 3, 2012

Modified Deck of Many Things

One of D&D's most feared, campaign breaking, artifacts is none other than the Deck of Many Things. Some DM's refuse to use it in their campaign because of the incredibly drastic swings the individual cards can cause. Some of them even remove characters completely from the campaign until another high powered piece of magic is put to the task of reversing the harm done.

Here then is a revised 24 card deck (normally 22 cards) that I put together for possible future use with low level characters. Read it over and see what you think. Please be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments for other cards you think would also fit into the deck. Maybe we can get the total cards up to 30.

Balance - Reverse the outcome of the character's next reaction roll or diplomacy attempt.

Comet - The character is arrested and fined 500 gold and must spend 1d6 days in jail. Paying 1000 gold allows the character to remain free.

Donkey - The character finds a wandering pack animal with packs and saddlebags full of 2d6 days of rations and water.

Euryale - The character suffers a penalty of 2 on all saves for one month beginning immediately.

Fates - Player may have the DM reroll one result and take the worst of the two results.

Flames - Someone not yet met becomes an enemy.

Fool - The character loses 200 experience points and must draw from the deck again.

Gem - The next gem the character finds is worth twice the initially appraised value.

Idiot - All intelligenced based rolls are penalized by 1 for one month beginning immediately.

Jester - The character gains 200 experience points or may draw two more times from the deck.

Key - A potion or scroll is found on the characters next search attempt.

Knight - A man-at-arms appears in the near future and serves the character for one month.

Moon - The next difficult task performed by the character is given a bonus of +10.

Planet - The character gains a specialist hireling follower profient in a trade, willing to work for them.

Rogue - An NPC ally turns against them.

Ruin - The character loses treasure worth up to 200 gold at a future time.

Skull - The character will be ambushed by an undead of equal level when alone.

Star - One ability score is increased by 1 for the next month.

Sun - The character finds a wonderous magic item on the next search attempt.

Talons - One magic item the character owns will be destroyed in the near future.

Throne - The character finds a deed to a ruined castle.

Vizier - The character may ask one free question of a sage.

The Void - If the character fails the next death save attempted, the character is instead in a month long coma.

Donkey and Planet were the two additions I made to the deck to allow for use of a 24-sided die, but adding another 6 couldn't hurt since it allows for use of a 30 sider or the swapping of cards for a smaller deck of the DM's intentions.

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Bighara said...

I think you're striking a good balance level, but some of the delayed and extended effects might be tricky to track or implement.