Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Borrowed Monster - Manbearpig


# Encountered: 1 - unique
Alignment: Chaos (evil)
Movement: 240 (80)
AC: varies (roll 1d6: 1,2 = AC6 , 3,4 = AC7 , 5,6 = AC8)
Hit Dice: 10
Attacks: 2 Damage: bite 1d10, claw 1d8, or by weapon type
Save: F10
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: none
Special Defences: normal weapons do 1 point of damage max, imaginary (illusion) weapons do normal damage. Regenerates 2 points per round.
XP: 2400

Manbearpig is believed to have been summoned into existence as fear made manifest and terrible by the dual wizard Park Stoner when under the influence of what was thought to be powerful mana boosting mushrooms. Whilst attempting a summoning for hot food from a nearby tavern the dual wizard inadvertently mumbled something like "Man this is unbearable, I could really go for some bacon."

As intelligent as a common man with mind clouded by rage and a desperate craving for truffles, Manbearpig appears suddenly, without warning and savagely slaughters all it encounters.

Manbearpig only suffers a maximum of 1 point of damage from normal weapons no matter how strong the wielder, but illusionary (imaginary) weapons cause typical damage for the type including the bonus appropriate to the weilder. Once damaged, Manbearpig begins to regenerate at a rate of 2 points per round.

It is rumored that Manbearpig can use wands, staves, and rods, and will berserkly expend charges during a rampage should it get control of these items.

Manbearpig has no treasure, but anyone wandering through the site of a recent onslaught might avail themselves of things lying around presently untended and say "Manbearpig must have stolen it!"

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