Friday, May 11, 2012

Chess - another hobby of mine.

It was chess club that introduced me to the wargaming group which eventually led to my finding out about D&D.

As it turns out the United States Championship began on Tuesday May 8th featuring 12 of the top players in the country, and today the World Championship gets officially underway between challenger Boris Gelfand and reigning world champ Viswanathan Anand.

For detailed info on both events, and others, follow the link to Chessbase.

It was D&D and a lack of natural chess talent, that led to my switching primary hobbies and staying mostly a board and rp gamer instead of focusing on competetive chess. My rating never broke the lower rankings despite some strength at my peak of play that indicated above average skill. Sadly, inconsistancy and distractions like a certain lovely young woman at a tournament in 1989 sort of did in what may have been my best chance for decent money from playing chess. I did have some memorable tournaments, but lets face it, in D&D we all win.

The Hellraiser of chess I was not.
I still fancy a game of chess from time to time and with a couple very major events happening right now I kind of have the urge to hunt up some opponents. Chess anyone?

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Bighara said...

You know I'll play. But I fear I am FAR below your skill as an opponent. I am a semi-competent tyro at best.