Thursday, August 11, 2011

Psst . . . Hey Buddy . . .

The latest word on the street seems to indicate that not only is Paizo getting into the miniatures market in a big way, but that Wizards wants back in as well.

Wizards has announced they will be releasing non-random sets of miniatures such as undead, goblins, orcs, drow, etc. They also plan to create a game for minis combat to go along with them by doing an open playtest and development.

I don't have details about packaging, cost, or quantity of miniatures.

This should make things interesting in the market. Competition will either break the market by spreading the available money too thin, or will help the consumers on all sides of the random versus non-random debate win through potential price competition. My bet is on the latter.

Now the debate will hopefully become one of quality. This plastic crack junkie is looking forward to his next hit.

Top pic, William S. Burroughs, Bottom pic, a scene from his book/film Naked Lunch.

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