Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In an earlier post it was pointed out that Vornheim got shafted by the Ennie Award judges this year. I think I finally have more of an insight into the minds of the judges now that I have seen a product from a different category that did win an award.

The Mouselings.

Now, as a nicknack they're going to get some recognition as "cutsie", ok, I grant that. And the full set is only $30 and comes in a carrying case, but if any player of mine shows up to the game wanting to use one of these as a PC, there's gonna be a fight.

What the bloody hell people! This gets an award and something as truely useful and innovative as Vornheim can't catch a break?

Go on, call me an unsentimental, hard hearted old grouch. Finished? Good, now get off my lawn!



Arkhein said...

Hey - back off the Mouselings, man. They are awesome. Er . . . not that I'd ever bought them or use them - but I've seen the reaction to them at the Reaper Foundry and - dear lord - the LADIES love them. They are sitting there painting the heck out of them. And those little mouselings are bringing young girls to the painting table as well. I mean - how awesome is that?

Yeah, you are right, they are not as awesome as Vornheim by a long shot. But imagine playing Vornheim WITH THE MOUSELINGS. That would be so awesome it would split the fabric or space-time, unleashing a ravenous horde of tentacled monsters that would suck our brains out. And you can't get much more awesome than that.

- Ark

OSRbaron said...

Actually I'm for anything that can bring more potential players to our hobby.

It's the rip in the space-time continuum that has me concerned.


Zak S said...

irony dept: Connie from Axe kept threatening to run Mouse Guard so I was trying to get Reaper to send me those Mouselings for an "I hit it with my axe" episode where she ran it. but she never did.

OSRbaron said...

Hey Zak! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Also of irony, I kind of get a kick out of the Mouselings and would be willing to play a oneshot with them if someone ran it. I just happen to enjoy a good blast of a silly rant now and then. :)

Oh, and of Connie ever does run that game, get some pics. Would be nice to see them being used by your attractive cast and crew.