Monday, August 1, 2011

GenCon Here They Come!

This is an interesting week for the gaming groups.

At least three of the weekly group will be attending GenCon, and at least two players from my Lost Baronies campaign will also be there.

The weekly group appears to be taking a skip week. I feel the need to do so even though I won't be at the con, too much stuff at home to take care of.

For my weekend game there are guest players coming in to run some of the PCs so that one will be running as normal.

Hopefully we'll manage at least 4 players this time and be able to get them out of town and into trouble, er, I mean adventure, sure, that.

Posting might be a bit light this week since I plan to do a bunch of house work and some studying. I still hope to manage at least one post a day, though I have no idea yet if any of the posts aside from one Lost Baronies update will have much content.

I've got a few posts in the pipeline I've been meaning to work on and things keep causing me to delay them. Maybe next week for those posts.

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