Monday, August 15, 2011

Dropping Like Flies

Usually in one of these old school campaigns it is the characters that die off and leave the rotation. In the case of the Lost Baronies campaign it is players that are having to drop out for various reasons.

The current "casualty list" is now up to 4.

There were the two that were posted about previously, and as recently as a couple days ago their carpool companion indicated he was unlikely to be returning, though he isn't 100% certain, but won't return soon in any case.

This morning I got confirmation of another one dropping out due to having to watch the young'un. Understandable, but no less disappointing.

The player that had pushed the hardest earlier this year for me to get a campaign going has yet to make an appearance at the table. C'mon dude, get your dice in gear!

For me as a DM, this is the most annoying thing when trying to run a campaign. It was tough enough having only one player committed to start up the campaign until one week before go time, and now the limited number of players available is dwindling down to where there are almost too few to play.

Well, enough ranting.

Anyone out in reader land looking for a game and willing to come to Frederick Maryland to play twice a month?


Arkhein said...

Ah bummer. That's why I do 'settings' these days, and not campaigns. Campaigns imply some sort of continuity. Hard to keep that up with an ever shifting sea of characters and players. A setting, however - well, that can just BE until someone comes along. :)

- Ark

OSRbaron said...

Thanks Arkhein. By the way, like your blog.

Technically this is just an island sandbox, but it would be nice to be able to play again soon.

Arkhein said...

Thanks. And hey, any blog with frosted dice has to be a good one. :)

- Ark