Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle - session #5 addendum

This is additional information left out of the previous post due to my being both in a hurry and forgetful.

The party paid to enter town and headed straight for the stables and inn. After securing and feeding the tired donkeys they took the chest of silver pieces and headed into the inn.

Tired and hungry, they paid for rooms, stowed the chest and then grabbed quick meals. Afterward they paid for hot baths, paid to have their clothing and boots cleaned and went to bed.

The next morning their clothing and boots were waiting for them. Everyone was happy to be free of large numbers of vermin, though their boots did have a reddish stain that had become a permanent feature. Poor Seamus seemed to fare the worst. Having fallen into the mess all of his gear and clothing now bore the reddish tint.

Those that had done the cleaning had come up with a nickname for the group which unbeknownst to them had begun to catch on. In whispered tones they were starting to be called the company of the bloody boots.

Wanting to be sure they had changes of clothing for longer trips they decided to buy new clothing and in a couple cases, even new boots.

Thorgrim was in such a hurry he tried to intimidate the cobbler/tailor in town into making him a new set of boots overnight. That resulted in him getting an even brighter red set of footwear with pointy curled toes since the only thing the cobbler had available was bright red leather he had started on for a different customer.

During the second day they went to see Olhatta to try and convert the older silver coins into spendable cash. This she was happy to do although she was only able to convert at silver weight value.

It turned out that she recognized the minter as the Silver Potentate, a long dead tyrant, infamous for his cruel rule and his most vile prison known as Stone Hell. Olhatta admitted that in her younger days she tried to find the legendary prison on this island, but she and her companions failed to determine where it was hidden.

This peaked the party's interest and they are discussing a possible search for Stone Hell after their local business is complete.

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