Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prop Dusting - Return Of The Plastic Crack

And here I thought my addiction to buying cases of fantasy gaming miniatures was finished. Maybe I am not free of this dreaded shoulder riding monkey after-all. I still have not finished opening all of the stuff I bought before. There is an excuse, called not DMing for a few years, but it isn't a good excuse.

Paizo just announced that in combination with WizKidz, they will be jumping into the gaping chasm left by Wizards of The Coast when the minaitures line ceased production.

Pathfinder Battles is the name of the new pre-painted miniatures line due to hit stores in December 2011. Like the old line from WotC, these will also be sold as blind random boosters.

The first set, Heroes & Monsters, will be a 40 piece set. According to their emailed newsletter a "brick" (19 booster case) consists of "16 packs including one Medium, or 2 Small figures, and 3 large packs featuring 1 Large monster each", and "Buyers who purchase factory sealed cases(4 bricks)should get a nearly complete set of figures.

That sounds like boosters contain only 1 or 2 figures each, and there would be 76 booster packs to a case. If that is a fact then it stands to reason there will be a lot of excess packaging. And you need to think about the possibility of buying more than a case to get the set if you're a collector and not buying just to have a bunch of figures for play.

The second set will be named Rise of the Rune Lords and have 60 different figures. No word yet on how many bricks to a case for the second set. Regardless, I nearly crapped a brick thinking about the crazy packaging scheme.

However, reading further along, in another part of the newsletter it now sounds like there will be 6 figures per booster. So which is it Paizo . . . you're starting to sound like Wizards with the confusing product descriptions.

All of the above bull brick aside, the pictures of the figures look really nice, except for the gnome with bright orange hair. Bright, day-glo, orange hair. What the heck is up with that?

This could be something good for a lot of people, or it could be a nightmare depending on price and other factors. Paizo promises good collation to avoid a bunch of duplication (within reason of course).

This all has me wondering if I should bother with these. I have at least one case of all but one of WotC's pre-painted plastic crack, slowly being sorted, and definitely dusty. Do I need more miniatures?

On a side topic, when I last posted a Prop Dusting article I promised to provide info on the company I had bought the coins from. Here it is:


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