Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The OSR Is Vibrant And Very Productive.

An OSR Catalogue of sorts. (this post is a work in progress being updated as time allows)

As previously stated I like to surf the internet for game related material much like I channel surf the TV. Most of what I find is meh, but there some true gems out there to be discovered if you want to look, especially among the OSR blogs and discussion forums.

Of course there are plenty of detractors as well (see GET OF MY LAWN for example). Some people that believe they know all about us old farts in the OSR have made the claim that nothing new and innovative has been produced by the OSR. I'm about to debunk that simply by listing a bunch of the things available (obviously not everything). If you know of something I missed off this list please send me the name of it and provide a link (to the publisher's website or blog preferably) and as time permits I'll keep updating this post.

Here is a list of the OSR products I have bought or been given since jumping back to basics.
Not in any order:

From Goblinoid Games:
Labyrinth Lord (the basic rules, print copy), but you can download the rules free as a PDF from the site.

From Faster Monkey Games:
Turn Tracker - very useful for keeping time during dungeon crawls.
Skull Mountain - a fun adventure that is now part of my sandbox with minor modifications.
Lesserton & Mor - I very much enjoyed playing in this setting with Mr. Joel DMing. He brings his creation to life when running it and that allowed me to appreciate his vision. I also figured out something about a murder mystery with some clues and was amazed both how close I was and how sideways off I was once I actually read the material after spoilers weren't an issue.
I also expect to pick up the new release from Faster Monkey Games (In The Shadow of Mount Rotten).

I have bought issues #1 through #12 of Fight On! magazine in print version and was given issue #13 in PDF format as a prize for participating in the random table contest and both of my entries getting Honorable Mentions.

I also have issues #1 through #3 and issue # of Knockspell magazine.

From Michael Curtis at The Society of Torch Pole and Rope:
Stone Hell
The Dungeon Alphabet

From Lamentations of the Flame Princess (James Raggi):
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse Edition
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit (Zak S.)
Carcosa (Greg McKinney) (note, while this link goes to the publisher's store I would feel as if I were doing a diservice by not explaining that I got mine from Troll & Toad.)

I am in as a $100 supporter for James Maliszewski's Dwimmermount Kickstarter project. His Kickstarter for the product was targeted at $10,000 and blew past that in 2 days and kept going.

Another Kickstarter I am a $22 backer for is the Random Dungeon Generator as Dungeon Map poster which also met it's goal and blew past it in 2 days.

Those are just the ones in my personal library. Below will be a bunch more as they get added.

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