Monday, March 5, 2012

Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle - session 12

Before jumping into the update I wanted to mention that we are back down to 2 players again. Our third player (and newest) has been given an opportunity to make better money, but that meant sacrificing availability on Saturdays. If anyone is local enough and would like a seat at the table drop me a line.

The session was brief and lacked combat so this will be a short report.

The party spent a couple more days resting up in Troll Pass while waiting for their large strongbox to be completed. Once it was delivered the group set about loading it with coins and goods, then disguising the wagon by loading it over-full of hay and dried grasses.

Heading north along the road they arrived later in the day in the much larger town of Grest. They arranged for lodging at the Inn of the Giant Dwarf whose proprietor may actually be half dwarf and half ogre.

In town they visited several shops including a general store, glass-blower, potter, and an alchemist. They are trying to have some sling ammo manufactured that will contain flamable liquids and be able to ignite on impact.

They managed to sell some more of the silver goods and buy a map of the sutrrounding towns from Grest up through Cobblethorp and west to Kroten.

An old ruin sits atop a wooded hill behind the estate of the Alchemist. They agreed to go into the woods to pick some Barrow Wort leaves and a flower for her, and she warned them "Do not go into the ruins, stay away, nobody comes back from there."

Of course that means that is exactly what they plan to go do in the very near future.

Currently one character is 26 points away from 2nd level and a couple more are not too far behind.

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode "Certain Doom!"

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